Jonathan Horowitz

I am currently a 4th year PhD student at UNC-Chapel Hill in Sociology. My research and teaching interests include Social Movements, Life Course Sociology, Sociology of Work and Occupations, Social Psychology, the Sociology of Higher Education, and Mixed-Methods Research. I also earned a Master’s degree from UW-Madison’s Human Development and Family Studies program, have worked as a community/union organizer, and coordinated a violence prevention program based at a rape crisis center.

In the past, I have completed research on sexual violence prevention programming in higher education, focusing specifically on fraternity/sorority systems. I also have a strong background in community-based research. My current research is (at its most general level) about the impact of life course processes on community participation and political involvement. Individual topics that I am particularly interested in are:

  • Life course transitions (e.g., graduation, having children, taking a new job)
  • Activist persistence
  • The effect of a college education on non-economic/social outcomes
  • The causes and consequences of job quality
  • Employment within the social movement sector
  • Community and union organizing
  • Social movement organizational strategies